Advance Terrafund REIT is included in SOFIX and BG40

Advance Terrafund REIT was included in the main index at the Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia (BSE) - SOFIX, which is the official BSE index, that represents  the correlation between the market cap of the 15 most liquid companies for the last two trading days.

The Board of Directors of the BSE-Sofia decided on September 09 2010 to include Advance Terrafund REIT in the SOFIX and in the BG 40 index. The number of the companies in SOFIX is decreased from 20 to 15, since 9 companies are removed from it and 4 new emissions are added. The amendments will take effect from September 20, 2010.

Thus, Advance Terrafund REIT participates in all of the four indexes calculated by the Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia - SOFIX, BG 40, BGREIT and BGTR30

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Bloomberg ticker: 6A6:BU
Ticker (BSE): 6A6
Currency: BGN
Last change: 18-11-2019

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